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Energy Healing-

Cedar Session, is powerful session working with the sacred Grandmother power. This session is good for going deeper into our shadows to see, understand, face and release things we are holding. This session can help with pain and inflammation in the body which is attached to a long line of diagnosed issues. The sacred Cedar is used along with sound, touch, and energy healing. Allowing for time to talk, work and reconnect is 1.5 hours-2 hrs. $144

Into the shadow, if you are stuck in a controlled state of being and are having a hard time letting go, trusting, receiving, coming into balance. Or you are holding sexual trauma or difficulty stepping into your sensual being, this will help you to see what is blocking your release. There will be a combination of connecting to the subspace of the mind and our creation energy. Our creation power is our most powerful energy, it is our life energy, our sexual energy is our primal core. In the subspace you are no longer in the past or future, you are in a present state. This state allows freedom to reconnect and form new pathways through neuroplasticity. Working with this powerful state we are always mindful of our heart energy as well. In this combination of energy, you have the ability to connect to yourself, your senses, emotions, body, heart, mind, in a safe way, helping you understand yourself and what has been held within. Touch, sensory tools, breathing, energy work, communication, sound are some of the things that will be used. This may be a process of unfolding, releasing and recognition that can take time.  Pricing depends on your needs and where you are in your journey. This session does go into sexual energy, your boundaries and comfort level are always giving great consideration and there will be no inappropriate touching. Starting at $120


Connecting to the rhythm, we are connected to the rhythm of hour breathe, heartbeat, moon cycles, seasons, morning and night. Reconnecting to the beauty and flow of our rhythm is very important to ground our energy, embrace the beauty in every moment and balance our entire system. When we are out of balance, we are in dis- ease. In this session some things that may be incorporated is sound, energy healing, breath, touch, herbs, smells communication to regenerate and bring you back to connection. Connect, realign the chakra, ground, This a very soothing session 1 hour $77


Naturopathic session 

Includes in house testing of urine and saliva, Iridology reading, physical examination, in depth questioner and discussion, and a plan customed to your needs.

First session is 250

follow up 30 Minutes 75

Online or in person sessions available In Corydon Indian or Louisville Kentucky


Iridology Reading

 You will receive a copy of your eye picture and notes on physical and emotional issues seen. This can tell you root issues going on in your body. This does not include suggestion to balance.


Massage: 1 hour $120 2 Hours $220 1.5 hours $180

Massage Add ons:

Salt Scrub$ 54

Paraffin wax

Hands & Feet$34

Hands or Feet $24

Sauna $44

Healing energy $44

Hot Stones$44

Foot Detox Services    *Special add 10-minute massage $15 30 minute $30.

Ion $44



Ion and herbal Package: Ion foot detox to deeply pull out your toxicity and herbal with herbs and salts to replenish. Followed by a 15-minute foot and leg massage. $110

Add foot and leg treatment$160

Choclate, seaweed, coffee and hemp, 

Massage feet and legs 10 minutes $20

                                         30 minutes $60

                                         50 minutes $100

Salt room Sessions

45-minute session $44

Deep healing 3 back-to-back 45-minute sessions $90

Our salt room is filled with over 15,000 pounds of salt. It is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. It is also a negative ion healing to bring oxygen to your body and relieve stress. Please dress comfortable as if taking a nap. Fits up to 5 seated.

Inferred Sauna session up to 1 hour $45



Nose $35

Face treatments

60-minute Custome face treatment using natural products $120

30-minute Custome face treatment using natural products $30

VIP SESSION: 90-minute session to include 60-minute organic face treatment, followed by light therapy to include hand a feet treatment. Beverage and treat $150

We use all natural or organic products...

Silver Treatment

60-minute massage, 45-minute salt room session, and your choice of ion or herbal foot treatment. $200

Gold Treatment

90-minute session, 45-minute salt room, full foot treatment complementary treat and beverage $320

Platinum Treatment 

 Make a day of it...2-hour massage, up to 60-minute inferred sauna session, Vip foot session, 45 salt room session, Vip face treatment. you will also be provided a snack, beverage and treat. $600 Couples $1000

Gentlemen Package  60 minute sauna session followed by a 90-minute massage, with nose and ear waxing. ion and herbal foot treatment and 15-massage. Beverage of your choice $420

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