Naturopathic session: When the body is in balance nothing can exist that does not belong. I will take a sample of your urine and saliva testing the time of your appointment. You will have a physical examination. We will go in depth into your lifestyle and all issues you are having. Then put together and plan that is formatted for you. This is helpful for all issues $150 first session $75.00 all other sessions  


Ocean Breeze salt room:  

45 Minute session $35 

5 sessions                $150 

10 sessions              $250 

Child and me           $45 for each additional child add $10.00 (limited times available)  

Add bio mat $10.00 a session 


Detoxing treatments: 

30-minute Ion foot detox $30.00 

30- minute herbal foot detox $35.00 


Specialty detox treatments: All treatments use natural or organic products 


Chocolate & Honey: Rejuvenate your skin with this decadent experience. As your serotine and dopamine rise soak in the abundance of important minerals needed as the antioxidant, antibacterial healing process eliminates. Chocolate and honey are both extremally heling to the body and soul!  We use Kentucky produced honey to cleanse, exfoliate and soothe the skin before, a rich chocolate mask deeply nourishes and hydrates. Ending your experience with a tasty chocolate cream to carry the aroma of your chocolate experience of healing pleasure with you. 


Okinawa seaweed cleanse – Okinawa are one of the healthiest and oldest living people of this world. They consume a diet saturated with seaweed and are in no hurry taking time to simply be.  We want to bring this ancient knowledge to you. This treatment is beneficial in removing heavy metals, increasing immunity, nourish your skin, and remove unwanted lines and cellulite also adding in weight loss. This is not only a powerful anti-aging treatment but also issues with the body such as painful joints, muscles, thyroid, sugar imbalance and more. We use the purest seaweed in every step of this treatment to send you drifting away with a warm foot soak, exfoliation, mask and nourishing cream leaving your skin looking new and refreshed.   

Coffee and Hemp- Indulge in this rich decadent treatment that will have you floating away to a well-deserved place of healing peace. The antitoxins stimulate blood flow replenishing your skin, helping remove unwanted marks and cellulite. The Cbd gets in touch with the master communication working to create hemostasis on all levels brining a decrease of pain and calm. This duo is a powerful mind, body healing experience. Slide your feet into our popular Cbd foot bath, followed by a coffee soap cleanse, exfoliation, powerful mask and coffee and hemp lotion that will leave you speechless. 


All specialty sessions:  feet and legs $45.00 / Hands $25.00/ Face $45.00 

 Full treatment $95.00 


Amethyst infrared Bio mat:  Ancient scientist have studied the power of amethyst for years.  We can now combine one of the most powerful healing crystals with today’s science. Through the soothing of deep penetration infrared heats the body and is able to replace damaged cells, release blockages and restore cellular life force, helping blood flow and carry oxygen  throughout the body bringing a deep healing of your whole self.

Increases immune system, serotonin, circulation, reduces inflammation and muscle tension, helps in metabolism and weight loss, detox.  This is Fda approved $30.00 for 30 minutes or $10.00 added onto any session



Add ons and other services:

Foot and leg massage $35.00 30 minutes/$25.00 for 20 minutes/ $15.00 for 10 minutes 

Paraffin wax treatment $15 for hands or feet/ $25.00 for both 

Chair massage 20 minutes $25/$15.00 for 10 minutes 

Spiritual Reading $35.00 30 minutes/$50 for 60 minutes 

Hot stones added to foot and leg massage $10.00 

Reiki $40.00 30-minute session 


Couples Massage in salt room: 

$220 an hour  

Naturopathic session $150 first session $75.00 all other sessions  

Quantum healing Hypnosis $150 


VIP Specialty Packages: 


Love yourself: 45-minute salt room session, full specialty treatment of your choice, 20-minute foot and leg massage, bio mat. $150.00 or for 2 $275.00


True heal: Full Naturopathic session, 45-minute salt room, 30-minute ion or herbal foot detox, 30-minute bio mat. $200.00


Couples retreat: Couples massage in the salt room, full specialty treatment of your choice with foot and leg massage, bio mat, paraffin wax and buff. $440.00 


Complementary with all Vip specialty packages A glass of wine, champagne, tea or water and gourmet cheese crackers and sweet treat.





Monthly package:


Weight loss and rebalance: Love yourself and heal in this package that is formulated to keep you focused in a one-month detox and healing program tailored to your needs. Naturopathic session, a 2 week check in, and end of month session.4 salt room sessions,4 bio sessions,2 reiki, one card reading, 2 ion or foot detox, one full treatment session, one person massage in salt room keifer,2 Bach remedies. $875 for $725 


 One daily session to the salt room for the month 30 days $450.00

(502) 938-soul 


By appointment only Monday thru Sunday 10:00 am till 5:00