Naturopathic Medicine- $200 First Visit, $125 Every Visit After

We take a sample of you saliva and urine and do testing in office. You will fill out a in deoth questioner of your life style. We will do a physical examination and then discus the best route to bring you back into balance.



Salt Room 45-minute session $45


This is a room filled with over 15000 pounds of Himalayan salt on the walls and floors. It is also put into the air for a 45 minute session. This can help to heal all respiratory issues, skin issues, it is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. It helps with skin issues and is detoxing to the body. This is extremely grounding helping you to relax and let go of held tension and stress.


Ion Foot Detox $35

This pulls toxicity from the feet aiding in many improvements in the physical and mental body.


Herbal Foot Detox $35

A combination of salts, herbs, and oils to detox and replenish you. All herbal detoxes come with a complimentary 10-minute foot massage.


Run for the roses- A soft and soothing rose blend.


Sunrise – An energizing orange citrus experience.


Green tea- A euphoric and calming green tea detox.



Yoni Steam  on the table $55

(Includes a pelvic rub and Blue LED treatment)

Yoni steam sitting with out led light $30



Natural Face Treatments $60

All face treatments come with facial rub, steam, cleanse, exfoliating mask, hydrating mask, and sunscreen.



Dead Sea

Green Tea Sunrise


Body Wraps $115

Chocolate Melt

Dead Sea




Swedish $80

Salt Scrub $95

CBD $95

Hot Stones $100


Reiki $130

Sauna $30 1-hour session

$70 for 3 1-hour sessions


Fat Reduction Services $40 Consult (includes custom diet and workout plan and supplements)

Packages ($40 from consult will be applied if package is purchased)

P1 (5 iLipo, 1 Cavitation) $195

P2 (10 iLipo, 5 Cavitation) $385

P3 (20 iLipo, 10 Cavitation) $695

(iLipo- Placement of up to 8 paddles around treatment area using light and pulse system to reduce fat cells)

(Cavitation- Non-invasive heating technique used to reduce fat cells and produce skin tightening and weight loss results)


Make-Up $65 Glam Look with Leah


Talk therapy let it all out and take a deeper look$80

(We have ministers that have studied in the fields of spirituality, Christianity, brain function, trauma, and have had experiences themselves to help you through what you are facing. We will place you with someone that will best meet your needs to help you have a deeper understanding. With understanding helps us to let go. 

Hypnosis sessions- $200





Angie Healing sessions $100 an hour

This is a combination of touch and healing energy. You will be laid on a table and undress to  the level of clothing you are comfortable with like you are preparing for a massage. She will go through your body with different forms of touch depending on what is needed. At the same time connecting with the energy of what she feels is the holly spirit. Anyone that has experienced will tell you this is a powerfully healing session of pleasure. 


Paraffin Wax $20

Amethyst Bio Mat $15

Hot Stone $25

We are offering space rental-

Starting at $25

Check out our retail! Natural products by many Kentucky locals.

Check online or our social media for specials and upcoming events!

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The Silver Door is a biblical reference from The Story of the Silversmith.

And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver”-Mal.3:3

“How do you know when silver is fully refined?” “When I see my image in it.”

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By appointment only Monday thru Sunday 10:00 am till 5:00