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Naturopathic Medicine- $175 First Visit, $75 After

We gather in depth information going over many aspects of your life, we do a physical examination and testing of saliva and urine. From this information we will put together a plan based on your individual needs using nutrition, life change, herbs and supplements to bring you back into balance.

For a regular Naturopathic  visit $75

Salt Room 45-minute session $45


This is a room filled with over 15000 pounds of Himalayan salt on the walls and floors. It is also put into the air for a 45 minute session. This can help to heal all respiratory issues, skin issues, it is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. It helps with skin issues and is detoxing to the body. This is extremely grounding helping you to relax and let go of held tension and stress.


Ion Foot Detox $35

This pulls toxicity through the body through the feet. Helping the body to remove unwanted waste and heavy metals. 


Herbal Foot Detox $35

A combination of salts, herbs, and oils to detox and replenish you. This is a wonderful soak to also incorporate after the ion cleanse.


 All foot detoxes come with a complimentary 10-minute foot massage. To add more minutes it is $1.50 per minute

Add ons 

Salt scrub$20

Bio Mat $10

Paraffin wax $20 for hands of feet

Facial mask $35 ( ask for mask of the day)

The Total Foot Package including : Ion, Herbal, Bio Mat, Salt scrub, Paraffin wax hands or feet, Facial Mask, 10 minute foot massage $125

Check out our specialty session each month 


Angie Healing sessions $120 an hour

Get ready to slip away to a place of total comfort laying on a heated table as Angie works on your body using touch and connection to sooth and heal you physically and emotionally. 

Massage $120


Yoni Steam on the table $55

(Includes a pelvic rub and Blue LED treatment)

Reiki $75

Hemp $20

Light therapy $20 

Yoni steam sit $35

Sauna $35 1-hour session

$90 for 3 1-hour sessions

Parties of 5 Bridal, Girls night, Family gatherings, Mens meet, whatever it reason is I am sure we can make it one of the best days you have had. 

A 45 minute salt session, the total package Foot session, for 5 with complementary drink and healthy snack.



Add room rental for party for $100

Catered Offered starting at $15 a person

Theme parties available as well:

Couples Package's: 

45 Minute salt session, 60 Minute sauna, Total Foot package, One hour Massage, complementary drink, snacks, gift. $650 



Fat Reduction Services $40 Consult (includes custom diet and workout plan and supplements)

Packages ($40 from consult will be applied if package is purchased)

P1 (5 iLipo, 1 Cavitation) $195

P2 (10 iLipo, 5 Cavitation) $385

P3 (20 iLipo, 10 Cavitation) $695

(iLipo- Placement of up to 8 paddles around treatment area using light and pulse system to reduce fat cells)

(Cavitation- Non-invasive heating technique used to reduce fat cells and produce skin tightening and weight loss results)


We are offering space rental-

Starting at $25

(502) 938-soul 


By appointment only Monday thru Sunday 10:00 am till 5:00