Ivermectin, Parasites, long haul the truth

Ivermectin is being said to heal at every stage of the virus it is an antiparasitic drug. It interferes with the attachment to spike protein to the human cell protein. Ivermectin is thought to be a host direct agent. Meaning it gets a hold of the spike protein that is invading the cell. Why are parasitologist interested? Infectious and parasitic disease are interconnected. A Cytokine storm is being created in the body by Covid meaning an inflammatory storm. This creates a perfect place for a co storm caused by fungi, protozoa, and helminths to appear. Covid is an intracellular Pathagon that interacts with receptors on the surface of mammalian cells. The same steps are used in the process by intercellular protozoa (parasite). Melatonin is a popular supplement being used in the protocol to fight covid. Melatonin is an anti-inflammatory and also helps regulate serotonin production. Serotonin is your nerve systems communication. It communicates through your central nerve system. When parasites come into your body, they begin to change your environment for their own survival. They do not want you to die or they would not have a host but they do need to transform the environment to continue to exist. They deplete your serotonin which interferes with your neurotransmission. This robs you of nutrients and can lead to depression, anger, explosive aggression and irrational behavior and more. Parasites will also start taking from these neurotransmitters Acetylcholine, Gaba, and dopamine. Acetylcholine is connected to your heart rate, blood vessels. Low Acetylcholine can lead to issues with memory, rapid eye movement, inflammation and gut weakness. Gaba when in balance calms you without balance breathing, anxiety, fear can arise. Serotonin is our communicator it transmits messages to our nerve cells. Remember serotonin communicates through our central nerve system and is mostly located in your stomach. It is responsible for many aspects of our body and emotions. When depleted it can lead to low confidence and emotional sensitivity, motor skills, digestion, sleep, metabolism, appetite, hormones and blood clotting. Dopamine is also a communicator but mostly is stored in the brain. It is your reward system, instant gratification. It is supposed to keep us safe. Show us what is good for us and what is not. It is what gives desire to care without it you are exhausted and life has no meaning. Imagine a life where you cannot think clearly, you are exhausted, stuck in fear and anxiety, having trouble knowing what is the right choice, you feel angry, you are having explosive mood swings and life just seems to not have any meaning anymore. This is your function when your body has been infested with parasites. This sounds very familiar to what many people have been feeling and seeing in this world today. Let's take it a step farther I keep questioning the tie to parasites why is a parasitic drug able to help with this virus? Why are people remaining ill so long after catching the virus? What kind parasites are people carrying that have covid? I couldn’t find all the answer but I did find parasites that create the symptoms of the virus. You can find this information on MDPI in the journal of clinical medicine. Protozoa, Trematoda, cestode, Nematoda. Protozoa: causes you to lose taste and smell, Trematoda: causes raspatory system issues Cestoda: causes tissue issue to the lungs and issue with immune response Nematoda: causes intestines mucus in the lungs, heart and other lung issues Very interesting that they parasites cause the same issues as covid even the loss of taste and smell. The article goes on to say that parasites cause greater harm to the body like it does in Malera. On April 1 2020 the who issued a recommendation to stop all neglected tropical disease programs. Meaning stop the study of parasitology. 435,000 died from malaria in 2019 40,000 from covid in 2020. I cannot factually say there is any connection to covid and parasites. I can say many people are staying sick once they come in contact to this virus. Whether it be naturally or through the shot. The inflammatory response is causing the immune systems to go into over drive causing damage to your own body. Like we spoke about earlier the covid storm creates the co storm of parasites. It is affecting people in so many different ways and making it a complexed issue. The only time we can build the immune system is at the very start or after you have totally overcome the after effects of the virus. Normally we would go in and try to help the body fight by stimulating the immune system. This time we have to get out of the way and stand beside the immune system. There is no simple protocol because each person's reaction is different. Example: A woman in her 30s was totally healthy now months after having a positive result she is having issues breathing, no energy, swelling, tasting salt, cannot eat, so bloated it is affecting her breathing, she is sad, having anxiety, scared, and doesn’t know what to do. She is not able to work because of this. The doctors like many other cases say test results show no problems and she is fine. A man got the shot ever since his balance has become so unstable, he is unable to walk, memory loss is aggressively worse, anger, mood swings, explosive behavior, sad, trouble breathing just from turning over in bed, exhausted, swelling. Until he has more energy, he will be unable to detox. There would be a great chance he would go into pneumonia because his body would not have the energy to remove the mucus. A woman in her 40s no shot and no positive test. Exhausted, trouble completing task in her day, can't lose weight and the weight gain is being carried in her stomach. Trouble concentrating, memory loss, foggy, lack of confidence, social issues, even when good things happen in life she just doesn’t care. A year ago, she was running up trails traveling and excited about life and never meet a stranger. All blood work and hormones levels are fine. We have to change the ways we think about everything. If it continues in this direction, it will only lead to more disease, long suffering, death and a very angry, confused, destructive, and sad world which no one wants! For the people that are not feeling well long after contact studies are showing trying to push and raising the heart rate is causing extended illness. They are showing fasting is helping, a vegan diet is proven to lower sever cases by 70%. Support's systems, faith, singing, dancing, a spiritual connection raises the immune system naturally. Green tea, muscadine grapes, dark chocolate is said to be killing the virus and making it not able to replicate. I have found a parasite cleanse that is in herb form that kills all of the parasites I have spoken about. Our immune system will never come back into balance unless worked with in a natural approach that is different than what we have known. Many suggestions are focused on suppressing the immune system to stop the inflammation. This will lead to no immune system! Back to Ivermectin it is said that this will not kill of your good bacteria. I really questioned that and only a few days later people are saying yes it does. This will create even more parasites and imbalance in your body. We are being told to take this ongoing even before symptoms exist. This would be similar to taking an antibiotic for months! Again, killing your immune system. Ivermectin is being pushed even from the natural side of things. Again, I will say we have to walk beside the immune system being there when needed and allow it to do its job. Taking one step at a time bringing focus to all aspects of ourselves. Using the items and knowledge we are given from God. The first women I spoke of the without helping the liver she will not be able to detox she would only become more ill. If a doctor started prescribing Medicine or a Np started loading her on supplement's her body could become more ill because of the toxic over load. It's time for a new approach and to take a step back to the root of simplicity. To those of you that have not felt well for a long time you are not crazy and it is going to be okay. For the rest it is time for prevention. I have put together in a video format program, with consultation through a form of social media. I will send the testing through mail. This program will teach you what is happening to your body and how to heal naturally step by step. Not only the physical body but the emotional, spiritual, environmental, and relationships. I am a detox specialist, Naturopathic Doc, certified nutritious, I worked in hypnotherapy, body work, and now studying neuroplasticity, and equine therapy. This is the step to a balanced health we need for survival and to change the world. To find out more go to www.thesilverdoorholisticspa.Com I recently launched a non-profit (Foundation for life transformation) to help people be able to afford natural methods when they are unable. Everyone deserves to be educated so they understand how to heal themselves. If you need assistance, or if you would like to give it is greatly appreciated and needed. I have a Facebook group root to simplicity for us to support each other in our journey. Contact me for more details...

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