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Kids connection

Into the forest we go to be free to be me 
In this 8-week journey kids will connect and learn emotional skills through yoga, meditation, tapping, the chakras, dance, music, play, and breathing.

                            We will come together and begin our journey into the forest, starting at the root as we turn into the tall oak tree, grounding and coming into our bodies. We will use a forest theme, adding things that is created in class to the walls, the forest will grow around them as they do, adding their favorite animal, stars with ideas and more. We will walk through the steps of connection to the emotions of the Chakra system. Natural tools like yoga, breathing, tapping, mediation, dance and music will be incorporated. They will look at the question like who am I and be shown how special we all are. The ending we will look at all we have learned and how close we have become to ourselves and the friends we have made with a celebration party in or created forest.


This is a great way to help kids feel connected, becoming aware of self, others, and our connection to everything. This course will give them valuable tools to help navigate through the rest of their lives.


Class outline:

Week 1: We will sit in a circle and learn about some of the special things about ourselves and each other. We will pick an animal we like best and decorate it for our forest. We will read about chakras and energy and learn introduction to breath and yoga. We will pick a stone that we really like and keep it in our special space.

Week 2: The root chakra, we will become trees grounded to the earth as we connect to the earth and ourselves. There is now a beautiful tree and our favorite animals on the walls around us, our forest is starting to grow. Tapping, meditation, breath work and yoga are introduced.

Week 3: The Sacral chakra, as we sit in our forest, we learn about our senses, when we open our eyes, we see the stars of the night above us. After reading we color our stars that holds our amazing ideas! We always practice our tools of yoga, tapping, breath, and mediation now learning a little more each time.

Week 4: The solar plexus, the sun is out in our forest today as we paint our faces and prepare for our dance, we are strong and so very special, and we are going to dance about that!!

Week 5: Heart Chakra, as we sit together in our forest feeling the wind and hearing the birds, we remember our senses and how we are strong and connected, we open our hearts, and we look in our mirror and see what we love about ourselves, and we see what we love about each other and the things around us. We create hearts with the things we love in them.

Week 6: Throat Chakra, we should never fear to express ourselves and today we will, with music! We are going to create our very own song and sing and dance together.

Week 7: Third Eye Chakra, we will be going into a guided mediation and letting our minds free to imagine, if you could be anywhere and doing anything where would you be? How would you feel? Then we will create a necklace to represent that.

Week 8: The crown chakra, we have come a long way and now we see that we have the sun, fire, wind, water in us and we are part of everything. We have a mind that thinks, and we also have a heart that feels. We look in the mirror and see ourselves with a new light with the tools needed to walk on the ground and also flow like the river. We are perfect and always will be just as we are. We give thanks and celebrate in our created forest with each other and some PIZZA! One last thing what are we grateful for is our first line in our new journal.

We may pick a new special stone or the first one we picked to always remember just how special we are.















                           This will be in small groups of max 8 children per group. It will be one day a week for 1 hour for 8 weeks.


Price is $120 for the complete program.

Saturday classes start at 2:00 pm on Nov,18 2023

Wednesday classes start at 10:00 pm on Nov,,22 023

They will be held on the second floor 1177 East Broadway. Louisville ,ky 40204

Wednesday classes can purchase classes to follow if you choose.














Kids class schedules Start date Nov,18 2023


10:00-11:00 Emotional- into the forest we go

11:05-12:05 Reading, comprehension and writing Chapter book based about grounding.

12:10-1:10 Math addition, subtraction, multiplication, division worksheet depending on where your child is in learning. Extra time will be a color sheet or journal

Each class is $15 - Full day 40 -

'Lay back relax and breath the in the salty air in a salt cave filled with over 15000 pounds of Himalayan salt. While you are enjoying your much needed and deserved time, the kids will be decorating Halloween cupcakes jamming to some spooky tunes and dancing their night away!

October 20,2023 6:30PM -7:30 Pm

Limited to 5 adults!

$40.00 1 adult one child each additional child $7

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