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Root To Simplicity Farm

Root to Simplicity Farms is sitting on 10 acers that back up to the forest and only 2 miles from Obannon Woods State Park. A wonderful place to connect to the quiet beautifulness of nature.


Connect back to the rhythms of your soul.



We can lose ourselves in the experiences of this world and it's important for us to take time to slow down and reconnect. Our primal core flows with the Rythm of the seasons, moon cycles, night and day, our breath and the beat of our heart.

When you have deep intuition, and empathetic heart we can give of ourselves but not give back to ourselves with the same amount of care. 

Energy Healing-

Cedar Session, is powerful session working with the sacred Grandmother power. This session is good for going deeper into our shadows to see, understand, face and release things we are holding. This session can help with pain and inflammation in the body which is attached to a long line of diagnosed issues. The sacred Cedar is used along with sound, touch, working with the chakra, 6 elements of Tao, burning of what no longer belongs, tea, card lay, gift and energy healing. Allowing for time to talk, work and reconnect This is a great session to do in the week of the full moon is 1.5 hours-2 hrs. $144

Deep physical and mental healing, purification, letting go of held emotion and physical dis-ease in your body.




















Into the shadow, if you are stuck in a controlled state of being and are having a hard time letting go, trusting, receiving, coming into balance. Or you are holding sexual trauma or difficulty stepping into your sensual being, this will help you to see what is blocking your release. There will be a combination of connecting to the subspace of the mind and our creation energy. Our creation power is our most powerful energy, it is our life energy, our sexual energy is our primal core. In the subspace you are no longer in the past or future, you are in a present state. This state allows freedom to reconnect and form new pathways through neuroplasticity. Working with this powerful state we are always mindful of our heart energy as well. In this combination of energy, you have the ability to connect to yourself, your senses, emotions, body, heart, mind, in a safe way, helping you understand yourself and what has been held within. Touch, sensory tools, breathing, energy work, communication, sound are some of the things that will be used. This may be a process of unfolding, releasing and recognition that can take time.  Pricing depends on your needs and where you are in your journey. This session does go into sexual energy, your boundaries and comfort level are always giving great consideration and there will be no inappropriate touching. Starting at $120

If you are needing to go into sexual trauma, sensual freedom, acceptance of yourself on a deeper unveiling of self. 







Connecting to your rhythm, we are connected to the rhythm of hour breathe, heartbeat, moon cycles, seasons, morning and night. Reconnecting to the beauty and flow of our rhythm is very important to ground our energy, embrace the beauty in every moment and balance our entire system. When we are out of balance, we are in dis- ease. In this session some things that may be incorporated is sound bath, energy healing, breath, touch, herbs, reflexology, lymph movement, Daoism 6 sounds, chakra system, this a powerful session to open communication to lead you in your healing direction, bring flow and regenerate. Things may come up for you to see, understand and release I would suggest bringing a journal and allowing for 15 minutes after to reflect 1.5 - 2 hour $144

This sessions is a good over all session for balance and reconnection.

Body work, breath and energy work along with  touch to sooth muscles, move lymph, and relax your body. 


$100 hour

$150 hour and half 

Sacred Bath, by candlelight and soft music slip into a warm bath filled with natural herbs, salt and oils and purified water. 

1 hour $50

Sacred Bath ritual , by candle light with the sounds of soft music slip into a warm bath filled with natural herbs, salt and oils. The sacred power of water and the hair wash ritual has been practiced for many years. Natural oils and herbs are used to massage your face, scalp and hair. Relax, see, and purify. 








Ion foot detox or herbal $30 

Add foot massage 20 minutes $20

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