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Basket and Wild Flowers

Root To Simplicity Farm

Root To Simplicity Farm

I was sitting with my feet in the grass listening to the cars in the distance. I had been in this same place for over 20 years. All of a sudden, I heard I'm sending you somewhere quit, you will no longer be here. I had become very familiar and trusting through my struggling years with this voice I call God. Soon after things begin to unfold, I became ill from mold in my house. I met wonderful people that was coming for healing, we became friends, and they offered me land at a time when land was very hard to find and very expensive. To afford building I had to contract and build myself. Areil age 8 and I had to overcome many obstacles and my trust in Him grew. We are now in our home with property of 10 acers surrounded by 26,000 acers of forest. I continue to listen to his plan for me and I am excited what my purpose on this earth is! And there was Root to Simplicity Farm.


We grow everything from the dirt of the forest with all of the natural minerals as it should be. We do not use any chemicals. 

We are growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and a flower garden. They are very powerful! We have non electric camping spaces available in the woods. We have a Rv space available just out from the woods. We are starting a retreat for people that are needing one on one extended stay healing. We have Children classes, and special gatherings often.

Services and pricing:

 Plant availability-

Flowers pricing-

Childrens classes-

Tent rental-

Rv Rental-

One on one retreat and healing-

If you are interested in any of these services, please text or call 502-938-7685 or Email

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