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Open the door to a truly healing space where the focus is on you and your needs. We perform our work with compassion and understanding to help you overcome whatever you are facing. We have put together a space utilizing many different tools to help bring our guests into a place of balance, both physically and emotionally. Everything used in our center is natural or organic and is of a high quality. It is important to us that you are treated at the highest standard, because you are worth it. 







“I opened this place by listening to God. I feel like this is what I am meant to do. We need love and hope, I want to help bring that to those who have lost these things—and especially to those who have never known them.” -ANGIE BLUNK(Owner)


Vip Days
Mud Treatment

$25.00 Days Wednesday's and Saturdays.. Childcare on Mon, Tues mornings

Time to purify with $25 Days

Every Saturday and Wednesday 

Pick one or more 

45-Minute Salt Room session

up to 60 Sauna Session

Ion or herbal Foot Detox with 10 Minute foot Massage

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We use a natural approach to help aid in your journey of natural healing. Our methods are based on the simplicity of what God has provided from the earth, wisdom, and intuition of many centuries. We use Iridology, physical examination, a in-depth questioner looking into many parts of your life to determine what is the best approach to help you. We then work with the physical, mental, spiritual part of your being to bring you into balance as a whole. It is about purifying all that no longer belongs to make room for what now does.  

I am offering online sessions:

 You will need to send a close clear picture of both eyes wide open. I will also need a picture of your face, tongue, nails and toenails. If there is a part of your body with physical concern, please send that as well. I will send you a questioner that will need to be answered and sent back. I will then meet with you on skype or whatever form of social media that works best for you. We can meet in person, or phone if you would prefer. I work with all issues...

*We grow our own herbs or use trusted small nursery's*

Sessions are $75

When you are in balance nothing can exist that is not


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Space Rental

Gift Certificates

Body Contouring

Body Tattoo
Confident Curvy Woman

You want your body to retain a youthful and healthy appearance, so why not consider undergoing a body contouring treatment? Sometimes following a proper diet and exercise regimen is not enough to maintain your desired shape, especially following major weight loss. When you are living with excess skin, cellulite, or a sharp difference in your skin’s tone and elasticity, a non-invasive cosmetic procedure may be helpful. Starting at $45

Natural Face Treatments...

Facial Mask
Brown Cosmetic Mask

Take time and enjoy our luxurious natural face treatments.

                                        Starting at $55

Waxing starting at $25

Body Conscious

We are starting classes for children August 15

Girl Painting in Art Class
Kids in Preschool

                      Foundation for life transformation


Is a nonprofit that focusses on children playing together and growing from a place of simplicity.

Rescue Puppy

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Dog nails


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