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1177 East Broadway Louisville ky 40204

502-9387-685 text or call


March 1st - May 31 Online Naturopathic sessions are $75 
Mix and match: Saltroom, foot detox, or sauna ...Buy 4 session for $100



We have the natural spa The Silver Door Holistic Spa located at 1177 East Broadway 2 mile from Downtown Louisville in the Highlands area. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10:00 to 5:00 VIP sessions available on other days and at extended hours.

Call or text 502-938-7685

Root to Simplicity Farm located in Corydon Indiana. This a 10-acer property backing up to over 26,000 acers of forest. We grow herbs, flowers and vegetables using the forest soil with no chemicals. Our products are mineral rich just as God intended. We have classes for children, camping spaces, bonfires, and gatherings. We are adding a retreat area to work with clients that are in need of coming back into balance with an extended stay.

Foundation for life transformation is our nonprofit. We raise money to help people that are ill and cannot afford natural care. We have children's classes to help build skills, confidence, connection, plus so much more.


Welcome to The Silver Door Holistic Spa, Open the door to a truly healing space where the focus is on you and your needs. We perform our work with compassion and understanding to help you overcome whatever you are facing. We have put together a space utilizing many different tools to help bring our guests into a place of balance, both physically and emotionally. Everything used in our center is natural or organic and is of a high quality. It is important to us that you are treated at the highest standard, because you are worth it. 







“I opened this place by listening to God. I feel like this is what I am meant to do. We need love and hope, I want to help bring that to those who have lost these things—and especially to those who have never known them.” -ANGIE BLUNK(Owner)



Naturopathic session *SPECIAL* March and May all Naturopathic sessions are$75. 

First session is 250

follow up 30 Minutes 75

Online or in person sessions available 

Emotional talk 1 hour $70

On table healing session 1 hour 120

They say the root is the stomach, but I ask what is causing the stomach? The communication, what's causing the communication? The energy to do so, must be the adrenals, what's causing the adrenals?  Which leads us back to stress... Did you know that the heart has its own brain, Neurotransmitters and communication system? It has a greater amount of electric and magnetic energy then the brain. Your heart is actually telling your brain and body what to do. It is scientifically proven that an emotion can be stored in the body and cause dis- ease. The heart has the power to change that. I look at dis- ease simply as a map to the emotions we need to release. We you have an understanding of the way the physical body works and communicates, and you also understand the emotional map, you then can understand how to help truly balance the body. When you come to a place of no more dis-ease there is such a wonderful peace that now exist! That is what I do I help you accomplish this for yourself. I am a certified nutrient, BCND, and I studied QHT. I use Iridology, physical exam, in house testing of urine and saliva as well as a in depth questioner. I can read or send for blood work if you would like but I don't always feel it necessary I can simply see it in your body and words. It is an art to walk with helping your body release and heal that is not done overnight, but Its a process that will bring you great joy.

Massage: 1 hour $120 2 Hours $220 1.5 hours $180

Once you enter into your calmly lit room, you will find a beverage and treat waiting for you. You will also have a lush soft robe to slip into. We will then speak with you about your physical and emotional body, conforming the correct therapy for you. You will have a selection of 3 hot oils or lotions to choose from. You can then lay on a soft heated massage table, and we will begin. After your therapy time there is no need to rush. You will then have the room for up to a half an hour to slowly take time to come back. We will provide a nourishing refreshment and snack.

Massage Add ons:

Salt Scrub$ 54

Paraffin wax

Hands & Feet$34

Hands or Feet$24

Sauna $24

Healing energy $34

Hot Stones$44

VIP SERVICE: Amazing healing experience:  

When you express your thoughts through words followed but written expression you are beginning to create a new pathway, also called neuroplasticity.


You will be provided a beverage, soft lush robe to slip into, a pen and a journal. You will be given time to write what thoughts are heavy for you. We will then talk about your emotions. From here you will go into a meditation salt room session for 45 minutes. then back into your room to lay on the heated massage table for a healing session and massage. Followed by a blissful escape with snack and beverage to replenish.

Now take time to write your thoughts at this time. We will come in to talk about the change and plans to continue your healing journey at home. $195

Foot Detox Services    *Special add 10-minute massage $15 30 minute $30.

Ion $45



Ion and herbal Package: Ion foot detox to deeply pull out your toxicity and herbal with herbs and salts to replenish. Followed by a 15-minute foot and leg massage. $60

Add foot and leg treatment$30

Choclate, seaweed, coffee and hemp, 

Massage feet and legs 10 minutes $20

                                         30 minutes $60

                                         50 minutes $100

VIP SERVICES: Ion detox, herbal replenish, your choice of foot and leg treatment and 30-minute foot and leg massage. Complementary beverage and snack $145

Salt room Sessions

45-minute session $45

Deep healing 3 back-to-back 45-minute sessions $90

Our salt room is filled with over 15,000 pounds of salt. It is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Works wonders for stress as well. Please dress comfortable as if taking a nap. Fits up to 5 seated

Vip Session: Deep breathing and guided meditation dealing with your issues. The salt room will only have you and who you chose to be with you. Average of an hour you will have healing tea,water,and a snack $65

Inferred Sauna session up to 1 hour $30



Nose $20

lip $20

Face treatments

60-minute Custome face treatment $120

30-minute Custome face treatment $30

VIP SESSION: 90-minute session to include 60-minute organic face treatment, followed by light therapy to include hand a feet treatment. Beverage and treat $150

We use all natural or organic products...

VIP: We have Vip sessions listed above here are some more just for you.

Silver Treatment

60-minute massage, 45-minute salt room session, and your choice of ion or herbal foot treatment. complementary treat and beverage. $175

Gold Treatment

90-minute session, 45-minute salt room, full foot treatment complementary treat and beverage $300

Platinum Treatment 

 Make a day of it...2-hour massage, up to 60-minute inferred sauna session, Vip foot session, 45 salt room session, Vip face treatment. you will also be provided lunch beverage and treats. $450 Couples $800

Gentlemen Package  60 minute sauna session followed by a 90-minute massage, with nose and ear waxing. ion and herbal foot treatment with foot grooming and 15-minute foot massage. Beverage of your choice $290

Space Rental

Gift Certificates

Root to Simplicity Farms

 Surrounded by over 26,000 acers of forest we grow, connect, love and heal.

Everything is grown from the forest dirt, that is perfectly made by nature, full of nutrients and minerals. *No chemicals are used.

We will be selling vegetables, herbs flowers, fruits, and plants.


 Join bouquet list for weekly, biweekly, or monthly.


Will be listing plants for sale. (Limited amount) order in advance.

We will have camp sites available this summer.

Kids classes, bone fires and more

Foundation For Life Transformation

Foundation For Life Transformation is a licensed nonprofit organization. We raise money to help people that can not afford natural methods of healing when ill. Childrens classes for free play to promote confidence, connection, self-regulation, trauma, nuro imbalance plus so much more. 

We are hoping to add in helping children in foster care this year.

                                          Call or text 502-938-7685

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